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Starting this fall contract 2019, we are going to pilot a new swap program. If a skater missed a session, then they can swap that session for a different session.  There will be a sheet in the book with skaters names and the dates for swapping.



  • You can swap 1 session for any session no need to track the type of session.
  • Only 1 swap per skater per contract.
  • Skater must initial next the monitor sheet with missed and make up session.
  • No early make ups.  For example if a skater is going to miss Wednesday, so they can’t skate the Tuesday before.
  • Swaps will NOT carry over from contract to contract. If a skater missed a session in the fall contract, they can’t make it up in the winter contract.
  • Swaps don’t accumulate. For example, if the skater did not swap during a fall session, they will not get 2 swaps during winter.


Ice Monitor Changes:

With these changes, we will be making changes to the ice Monitor sheets. 

  • We will only have 1 buy-on sheet for all sessions.  We will be billing buy-on sheets more frequently.
  • There is NO priority between buy-ons or swaps.  It is still 1st come 1st serve for open slots.
  • DO NOT list Swaps on the buy-on sheet or Skaters will be billed for a buy on.
  • Please make sure you are very clear identifying if a skater is on a session.
  • Please remember the number of skaters on a session is still 20 skaters for freestyle and 18 for MIF.
  • Contracted Sign up sheets will now have the number of slots open and the buy-on cost.