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Club membership is divided into two categories: “junior” and “senior.” Membership is open to all skaters.

If a skater has not passed ISI Freestyle 1 or Learn to Skate USA Freeskate 1, they are considered a junior member. The junior category was created to provide younger skaters with the opportunity to further explore figure skating. Junior membership serves as an introduction to the Club, an opportunity to build off of existing skills, and a bridge for those considering becoming senior members.

The EICFSC is open to anyone who meets membership criteria and has the enthusiasm, dedication, and desire to succeed in the sport of figure skating!

These requirements will not be imposed in the event circumstances require the closing of the arena or cancelling of programing.

Home Club Member Requirements:
1. I agree to register for at least 90 minutes of ice per week, each contract offered. Only 45 minutes of ice per week is required for Junior members that have not passed ISI Freestyle 1, Learn to Skate USA Freeskate 1, or first year of EICFSC membership

2. I agree to participate in the required Home Club Fundraisers of which there will be a maximum of 3 per year. Each fundraiser will have minimum participation and buy-out amounts determined at the time of the fundraiser. If I choose to opt out of any club fundraiser, I will pay the required buy-out amount, which will be a maximum of $300 per membership year. Any Additional Family Home Club member discount will be determined at the time of the applicable fundraiser.

3. I agree to hire an EICFSC coach for weekly private lessons.

4. I agree to fulfill the minimum ice monitoring requirements or pay monitor buy out each contract.

5. I agree to fulfill the minimum volunteer requirements or pay a penalty fee of $250.

If the skater chooses not to fulfill the contract agreement for the entire contract year, the skater is still financially obligated to purchase minimal contract ice sessions, ice monitor buy out, and fundraiser buy out for the entire membership year.

Coaches and Board Members are exempt from the above member requirements.

Fees have been adjusted due to the uncertainty of the 2020-2021 contract year.




EICFSC Home Club Member


12 Month

Additional Family Home Club Member


12 Month

Collegiate Home Club Member


48 Month

First Time EICFSC Home Club Members


12 Month

EICFSC Skating Associate Member


12 Month

Club Coach


12 Month

Associate Club Coach


12 Month