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Guest Coaches are welcome on club ice.

  1. Show your current USFS registration card to the ice monitor. The ice monitor will record your name and USFS number in our Guest Coach Log.

  2. Each day you coach on our ice you should notify the monitor that you are a guest coach. The monitor will date and initial the Guest Coach Log.

  3. The EICFSC allows guest coaches to coach on our ice 12 times per membership year, which goes from July 1 to June 30.

  4. The Ice Monitor will record each “date” you coach, not each “session” that you coach. For example, if you coach 2 freestyle sessions and 1 MIF session on the same day you still only need to be logged once.

  5. Familiarize yourself with the rules of our ice before you arrive to coach on EICFSC contract ice. The rules can be found in our club handbook which is located under the membership/bylaws/handbook link from our web page. There are also copies of the rules on the club cart which the ice monitor can provide you with.

  6. If you use up your 12 days of Guest Coaching, and you would like to coach more days on EICFSC contract ice, please contact the EICFSC Coach Liaison. Their contact information can be found under the Board of Directors link from our web page.

  7. Ice Monitors: If there are any issues or questions regarding Guest Coaches please e-mail a member of the Board of Directors or